Friday, May 13, 2005

Two days to go

Two days and future of India will be decided as I will be sitting for IAS exam.This is something for which I got an extension in Project and so I need to do well here.
Now onwards in each of my blog I will try to touch upon a single topic insted of hotch potch way i have followed till now.

So today I will like to share with u my experiences of reading DAWN continuously for say last 4 months.DAWN is assumed to be a "secular" and moderate newspaper o Pakistan.Without going into the merit of this statement I will present my observations pointwise:
1.A good coverage of stories relating to plight of Muslims say problems in libya and obviously Iraq.But total silence on Sudan.Infact in all these four months I am yet to come a single mention of Sudan in DAWN.
2.As compared to India where Media took an active interest in what is happening in Manipur or Gujarat.Pakistnai media seems to be cluless about what is happening in Baluchistan,Gilgit or Vajeeristan.Perhaps this is becoz there are no real journalists in Pakistan.ALl those write articles are urban intellegensia of Karachi/Lahore.
One is astonished at large no of former officils,businessman who contribut articles.It seems that nonoe in Pakistan thinks.
3.There is almost nil NGO movement.14 Hindus were gutted alive in fire or A Christian Priest was attacked in Islamabad by madarssa students and just passing mention and no reaction from readers thereafter.Imagine if it would have happened in India.
4.Control of corporates is too strong.Everybody claims that big business houses are appropriating govt money .But no objective story.Recent fiasco at KSE also didnot bring out real players out.Seem like there is gr8 lack of talented journalsits.
5.No minority writer and obviously no talk about secularism.One COwasjee whose father was a big industrialist writes but his articles are more Publis problem solver in nature.I think noone can dareto comment about Islam as they do about hindus in Indai.
6.Communists are totally absent.
More will folllow later

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