Monday, May 30, 2005

IITians and IAS

From this week onwards I would deal with one topic every time instead of speaing on everything under roof.
As I am an IITian and an IAS aspirant I would like to share my views over this thing.
First let us tell me some observations I have made.
1.Two yrs we had an IES officer at panel discussion in our tech fest.he was an electrical B tech from IIT kgp.He told very flatly that he had powers to issue contracts worth 2.5 crore but his salary was 25 thousand out of which 5thousand was to be paid as tax.So here lies the root cuse of corruption.
2.We had ex CMD of VSNL MR singhal wit us this yr.He is an 1960 batch passout.He joined IES becoz there was few private enterprises to speak of in those days.But once he joined he enjoyed it.
3.In recnet yrs there has been an increase in no of IITians opting for civil services.Mostly they are from Delhi and kanpur as in last 10 yrs hardly 10-15 people have made it from IIT KGP and less after IT revolution .
4.No of people from Kanpur and Delhi has also decresed pertially due to better opportunintes in software jobs ,partly due to UPSc's attitude of making their entry difficult.
5.Socially IITians going for IAS are invariably UP,Biharis with a sprinkling of Punjabis(from IIT delhi) and few gults( they are giving Biharis run for their money in recent yrs).
6. deptt wise kanpur CSE got a spectacular success one yr.Elctrical guys have succeded in large nos with electrical engg as optional.Same is not true with mechanical and civil enggg.But irrespective of deptt physics -chemistry combination has proved beneficial for many.
7.Why do IITians go for IAS .Those from weaker soacila backgrounds can't erase their childhood dream of acquiring power through this mean even after realising that private sector can gve much money and satisfaction.
Then there are those typical young men just out to grab power like Vipul Singhal.
SCc and STs find it realtively esy and this is just another career option for them.
8.Ther are a few people who really want to get into this service to do something meaningful .I am one of them.

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Just out of curiosity- did u get thru IAS?