Sunday, February 13, 2005

after GATE!!

So today Gate was over.I had some bitter experience with invigilator but paper was good.Hope i should clear the mark.
I recently read review of film "Amu" in frontline.Another konkana starred but about 84 riots.This topic has not been dealt in Indian Cinema and literature as extensively as hindu-muslim riots.No one created a fuss when sensor board was cutting scenes in this movie,becoz this was not about muslims.
This proves atleast one point that our media is not that anti Hindu but actually proMuslim.One can see same pattern in their handling of Kosovo,Sudan and palestine.
In patna what happened withJustice Garg is yet another proof of cowardice of our "secular" media and intellectuals who are preoccupied in lambasting Kanchi Shankaracharya at present.
Frontline is itself full of contradictions.On the one hand they print reports that that healer who came to Banglore was fraud on the other hand they charge nationalist sanghatans with charges of being " narrow minded' with adjectives like Saffron Outfits.Have you ever read them branding AIMPLB or SIMI as Mullah organisation.They will gleefully report what Uma Bharti said and did but not that Muslim league minister's supporters in Kerala manhandled reporters.This will not even make news and even if it does then in some obscure corner with lot of vagueness.

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