Sunday, September 01, 2013

Headless chickens

so govt plans to ban gmail for govt employees after snowden controversy
such a kneejerk reaction
there are people who do not know how to use emails, are afraid of using emails, are not interested in using emails, consider it beneath their dignity to use emails, never reply on emails - and here I am talking about fairly senior people...

thought would just collate reaction of "peepul" on such a move

Why pinpointing Google? Yahoo, Microsoft all have servers in US. And does Government care to ensure every employee gets an email id from nic? They can't use free email ids, and no other alternative exists. E-governance is yet to take off. Govt. Should have their host email add instead of G-mail. Plus they should have software against Spying... But Better Late Than Never, They are taking small steps to fight against wrong doings of US Govt. It would be a good move for world to follow.. Using any vendor supplied software over internet has the same problem. It explains why US Department of Defense uses ADA based operating system when this language is not taught anywhere   

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