Sunday, April 21, 2013

Department of personnel and training aka DoPT

posted by a colleague at our community page on facebook

Its almost a year since I got selected. Also today is civil services day. Here's what I've learnt in a year
1. Distance of dopt from c-sec metro station is 10 minutes usually, but it can take up to 30 minutes around 26 January

2. When Parliament is in session, no work is done at dopt

3. If you want to avoid people tell them their file is in different department.

4. Also you can say I am busy I have to go in a meeting. Via gayatri mishrs director dopt

5. The middle level management at dopt works at second floor while secretaries are at 1st floor. Nobody from any floor wants to see common people.

6. When people are calling with their problems, just don't pick up the phone. Also don't make an rti tab on your website

7. Also I learnt lots of unrelated stuff like how to make gajar ka halwa and other stuff my mother has been trying to teach me for years

8. Lastly, rules can bite you in the back when you are least expecting

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