Sunday, February 19, 2006

Out of sight , Out of mind

Well some people may brand me as pessimistic but I think there are some trends in India's socail, cultural and political environment going on which needs to be discussed more than what they are being currently,like

1. Science education and teir-2 technical education
All this rush to IT and ITES and Call Centre and software has no doubt brought a boom for engineers and engineering colleges but loser has been Science Education.First of all no one goes for B Sc or M Sc and those who go don't pursue science as careers. I still remember in 89-90 there used to be huge demand for admission into science courses of prestigious colleges as seats in engg and medical were very few. But now a days all major science colleges of my city has same enrollment levels as 90s and moreover while no of engineering colleges has become almost 10 times ,those of science colleges is almost stagnant.
A natural corrollary of this is decrease in quality of science teachers for schools and colleges as well researches in various labs and organisations. Moreover whatever little reserach was being done at science college labarotaries has now come to almost naught.

Similar is the case of ITIs or polytechnics. Our local youth has so musch technical aptitude can be realised be seeing how TV mechanic or automobile mechanic operates.Though not having any degrees they are able to come up with ingineous solutions to products having parts from MNCs. A major reason for lack of goodsalary in manufacturing sector is lack of good technical supervisers as a result of which engineers have to do job of technicians(viz operating and maintenance) instead of doing designing or R&D.

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