Thursday, February 23, 2006

A nation without identity : interesting news

Kabul objects to Pakistani missile names

KABUL, Feb 22: Afghanistan formally complained to Pakistan for naming its ballistic missiles and other weapons after historic Afghan heroes, a minister said here on Wednesday.

Afghan Information Minister Makhdom Raheen said that Kabul had recently sent a letter through its foreign ministry to Pakistan over the use of names of Afghan nation’s heroes, including Mohammed Ghauri, a 12th-century conqueror who ruled what is now Afghanistan and invaded areas in what is now India and Pakistan several times.

A series of Pakistan’s ballistic missiles is named after Ghauri, including a 1,500-kilometre-range nuclear-capable weapon.

“We asked them (Pakistan) not to use the names of great elders of Afghanistan on weapons of mass destruction or other war equipment,” Mr Raheen said. “These great elders played a major part in building national solidarity and in transferring science and knowledge from the homeland across southwest Asia.”

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam refused to comment or say whether it had received such a letter.

Afghanistan is also complaining about Pakistan’s use of the name of Ahmad Shah Abdali, an 18th century king who founded the powerful Durrani dynasty, on a weapon that Raheen did not identify. Abdali laid the foundations for the Pashtun tribal rule in Afghanistan.

Mr Raheen said Pakistan was welcome to use the names but only for peaceful things like memorials, monuments, conference rooms and historical places. —

This is a news item from Pakistan's most prominent English Daily DAWN.
It puts Pakistani establishment and intelligentsia( if there is any0 in a kind of identity crisis. Right from its inception pakistanis have tried their utmost to negate their Indian or Hindu past and have always tried to associate themselves with western Asia.
When India put names of Prithvi,Agni,Akash etc to its missiles Pakistan was faced with a delimma as to what name should be given to their missiles procured from China and N Korea. So instead of noticing that in Indain case these names were of leemnts of nature according to Vedas and not based on Medieval King Prithviraj Chouhan( This is impossible to name our monuments on names of Pratap,shivaji or PrithviRaj in this secular country), they chose to give their missiles name of Mohammad Ghouri and Ghajnavi who plundered today's Pakistan with more ferocity than Today's India.

Even British Royal Family doesn't deny its German roots ,though they are 1000 yrs old,But Pakistani History starts from the attack of Mohammad Bin Kasim on sindh in 7th century which resulted in large scale plunder, rape and atrocities. But all these things pale in front of Light Of Isalm which he brought to infidels!!.
A good study in this case would be to visit some sites on Paksitan History and have a hearty laugh.

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