Sunday, February 05, 2006

kyon rang de basanti!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rang de basanti
Great Hype , high expectations but a few blunders.
1.The well in jalianwala bag was dry i.e. why women jumped in it,but this movie shows it contained water.In film GANDHI it was shown dry ,research is to be done properly.
2.kaakori train robbery occured in Night not in day as shown,also one elder man was killed when he was trying to raise alarm.Moreover there were a lot people involved not just four or five. tv serial on doordarshan captured all these things very correctly.
3.Durga Bhabi nevre went lahore nor was she involved with sanders murder case,she was active in UP
3.pilots bringing Ajay's dead body are boy like. is unimaginable to beat a peaceful procession of a mertyr like that in the herat of delhi.
5.similarly,attack on AIR is unrealistic.
6.Why did they show Atul Kulkarni smking after getting disillusioned.Does it mean that not smoking is communal or fundamentalist.
7.No reason is given for estrangement of siddharth with his father

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Hiren said...

Most of all the muder shown at the end is hardly a practical solution.