Thursday, February 09, 2006

Historical serials on Indian Television

Just trying to recollect few things from yesteryears,
1.The best and most exhaustive one was obviousl Bharat ek Khoj with title song having verses from rigved and a great cast.It is must for everone interested in Indian history.
2.Next serial I remmeber is the sword of Tipu Sultan which became famous for on set fire in which Sanjay khan was badly hurt.
3.Sanjay Khan came up with another one The Great maratha based on life of Mahadji Sindhia .It largely went un noticed.
4.Mriganayni based on tribal wife of Mansing of Gwalior.
5.Chanakya based on Mudrarakshas a 3rd century drama.
6. Mrityunjay life story of karn.Though it is mythical rather than historical but it was based on a single book of same title by Shivaji Karanth.
7.Great women of India series : Amrapali, Urvashi and Rani Lakshmibai.
8.Series called Main Delhi hoon by Raj babbar(Horrible).
9.swarajnama by Girish karnad on 50 yrs of independence.
10. Sankraman a socio economic history of independent india once again by Syam benegal.
11. Akbar the great by Akbar Khan.
12. Some series on Hoysala Kings ( i don't remember exactly).
13. One series on some famous dancer in Peshwa's court(Archana Joglekar) and her clashes with a learned scholar of the court.
14.Devi Choudharani (Famous revolutionary of bengal).
15. One series on Kunwar jagdish Singh.
16. One series on early life of Morarji Desai.
17. One series on Radhakant Deb (who discovered Mt Everest).
18. One series on Munda and Santhal uprisings in Bihar during 19th century.
19. A series called Swaraj based on exploits of Hinduatan Republic Association.
20. A series on Paramveer Chakra awardees.
21. One series on Maharana pratap.
22. A series on Shivaji (stopped midway).

I am not including Ramayna or Mahabharat here becoz they r not strictly historical.
Similarly fictional accounts like alif lailla, Hatim tai, Chandrakanta or Vikram Baital though are based on old books but are essentially fictional works.

I feel that this series is kind of exhaustive becoz now a days no chaneel is going to telecast such serials.

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