Wednesday, January 11, 2006

you me and everyone we know

A really nice movie i saw last night. It's like a poetry written on the morning dew.
A divorced shoe salesman trying to move on with two intelligent sons and his newly found love interest in a performing artist who also dubs as a cab driver.Each scene of movie has an emotion and all side stories are ccomplete in themselves.Worth mentioning are
1.the story of fish.How they pray for her before her imminent death.
2.when hero asks the lead actress that she doesn't deserve the pain,her grandfather comes and says start thinkinh from this moment,it may change your life.
3.When hero gets heroine out of his car for thursting her upon himself.
4.T-shirt of his ex-wife.
5.a video of you and me loving through shoes.
6.the small child rabby is hilarious and at the same time very normal.
7. The small girl cut off from friends and society and collecting her own dowry seems like nextdoor girl.When her friend gifts her a bid for her daughter it gives new dimensions to fiendship.

Today I also found an article in economic times suggesting mandatory quoting of PAN no for all cash transactions more than 1k and cheque transaction of more than 20K be it consumer goods market.elctricity ,phone bill or other things.I guess if we can evolve a good database managemnet system this could really work wonders.

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