Saturday, January 07, 2006

new year and us

Well for new year what are the things that one can desire in higher educatinoscenorio in India.
1.As far as engineering is concerned ,we don't need new colleges now.yeah their geographical spread s very skewd but nothing can be done about it .At least in souther n states new colleges should not be allowed to open.
2.Too many colleges and too less faculty.Ask private colleges which are free to charge hefty fees that pay your teachers handsomely that way we might retain some of better brains.
3.A comon grouse in iits and other govt college is that they teach too theoretical things.people from industry should be allowed to teach on part time basis waving the requirements of a phd. Moreover a Phd person is more research oriented while mandate of IIT is to provide technical manpower,so more industry interaction is required.
4.A common entrance exam for engineering is laready in place.Ideally there should be only three exams,IIT JEE, AIEEE and state engineering tests.AIEEE and IITs should give people percentile ranks which can be utilized by other colleges to grant admission.
Those private colleges which claim to have different set of criteria can be silenced by introducing one more paper in AIEEE comprising of GK,English and logical ability or IQ.Those who want can use scores of this papers also.Pvt colleges should also use these scores.

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