Saturday, December 31, 2005

My job interview

Placement process at our campus started from 21st december.After a hope raising but noisy GD in ITC and indecisiveness with P&G I had my tryst with L&T.
From the beginning not very people were interested in L&T for reasons best known to themI never wanted to go for a software firm,and before joining IAS or IIM wanted to homy management skills so L&T seemed to me best proposition after HLL and ITC.
They were late to reach our campus,but their test was pretty good.It was an IQ test with a 3x3 matrix of figures and u had to figure out 9th one from 8 given options.Starting one were laddu but towards the end there were some really interesting problems.
After it they had a shortlist and second was a verbal test.there were 15 short passages and 60 questons based on them.Each question had 3 can be concluded from can be concluded to be false from passage 3. more info requied.
After this they put up a list of B TECh and Dual Degre people they were to interview.For Dual degree dates were to be announced later so Ihad a good night sleep.
In the mornig i gave patiala some funda on probable questions and then swiftly moved to insti from harry's.there was not much to do thr also ,but then I came to know that the form which they gave us last night was to be submitted by 12.It was basicallyy to be submitted before they left campus.So i camreto hall to fill up the ahd some tricky questions ,so I decided to have lunch,a good sleep and then feel it.At around 3:30 pranav waked me up to fill up theform which he was going to submit.Now i embarked on the mission.Well this time I meant to get a photocopy of it for my future reference becoz in P&G i was terribly confused about what answeres I had written.

AND NOW THE BOMBSHELL Pranav comes to tell there is a notice by my name that i will be interviewed on the same day at was laready 3:45.
My pant was not ironed which I had washed last night,so I borrowed Pranav's pants got dressed up hurriedly and then went to T&P.Gautam Sinha did not seem to be very enthusiastic but I proceeded to alumni guest house.First i went to tech guest house where colonel told me to go alumni.
there they were waitnig for me.So here I enter the room after talking to that BALD hr man.
Ientered and offered my sincere apologies for coming late( to score brwnie points) ,then I went ahead that with how i was called here on short notice with veiled hints of my unhappiness over their way of conduct.By this time i had guessed that BZ TeCh electrical they interviewed were not peole good enough so they wanted me there.
Then they saw my hall patel and made a reference to patiala.
Now they shifted to my project.I was myself not preety sure of nitty gritty ,but i was somehow able to convince them about its concept and drew a block diagram.
Then he drifted to my training,as I had done nothing there i took discussion to public private sector.
then they moved to power theft and possible solution.
then it came to morality of peole and I inserted SFIH here.
then they asked whether i played anything ireplied yes i did but never won.
then they remarked how our photographs were different from our actual being where i brought some humour in picture.
ZThen my answere to their questions describing L&T as knowledge driven durable asset creating company and i justified them byheaping praise over L&T.
here i fumbled about GSM and GPS, but then went to my m tech in instru and minoe in elctronics.
queston on transducer to mesure furncae temperature and slurry flow went well.
then mangement question to increase topline and bottmline where i gave the a piece of my mind on mangarial issues and my desire to go for pre-paid elctricty.
then most tricky question as to whether i feel isolated at KGP sometimes to which i gave a poetic reply which impressed them very much.
and lastly which event in this year affected india most to which i replied increse in oil prices- GDPand fruitful economic actvity followed from it.
then i was asked to wait for 5 minutes before second HR interview.
It was pretty routine.My board of schooling,medium.Why prefer dual degree over B TECh. Economics question - five yr plan face value of L&T share ,what i read President Kalam's speech last day.
And customary if you have nay questions.
I feel they were just checking where your basic fundamentls were right or not.

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