Friday, December 09, 2005

Indian Media's minorytism

Recent instances of Media's minorytism :

1. Movie "Sin" based on real incident was opposed by some catholic organisations.Though media did not go with them but they did not condemn the protesters in the same way as they would have if they were Hindus.
2. national award for best actress for two consective yeras have been won by actresse from movies which had storyline of a struggling Muslim woman. No publicity to these films. had it been on plight of Hindu wommen!
3. Recent outbursrt of dravidian parties against actress khushboo.These same dravidian parties garlanded ganesha statues with chappals and took them in procession.Anti Brahminism is equated with rationalism in TN.Moreover condemnation of these protesters is also muted ,had BJP or RSS opposed Khushboo's statements.
4. Mullas who are giving decisions against Sania Mirza's dress, Imrana's right to live with his husband or in reote village of bengal where a husband divorced his wife in inebriated state but later realised mistake and they made reprochments.Now local mullah wants them to live separatelyand has made people bycott them.
What was media's treatment.
5. In pakistan angry muslim students attacked in Nakans Sahib a sikh school, christians in another locality and are routinely kidnapping hindu girls .Any comments?
6. Famous case of Imrana fro mBombay who was killed by gujarat police in an encounter with terrorists.Loacl congress chief had even donated money to her family in a prcession.Later when Laskare Tyabba claime she was her member,then everything went silent.
7. how shankaracharya was humiliated and victimised and how his supporters were ridiculed.Imagine same behaviour with a local imam leave apart someone higher up.
8. How do they produce reports of different muslim personal law boards ?. Had it been in hindus then revolt,rebelletion,inherent dissent would have been buz words.
9. Muslim women should contest election veiled!!!.should not people pronouncing such judgements be hanged.
10. See what happened to a recent drive to get rid of bangladeshis in assam.All parties ended up appeasing muslims.
11. Lalu yaday's blatant favourism to muslim.
12. When dawn shahabuddinclaims that he is being victimised for being a muslim ,no comments.
13. paswan's insistence for a muslim CM and taking an Osama alie for campaign.
14.There is a dicator Musharraf but he is shown as our saviour and Kingof nepal is being demonised.
15. AMU reservation?
16. reservation for Muslims in andhra which were under Nizam's rule.No historical reason for being backwards.
17.urdu universityin Rampur,UP.Doesn't UP need more engineerin or Medical colleges.
18. Reservation for muslims in IIT IIMs
19. Muslim leage membe is or foreign minister any takes?
20. How bitterly shia and sunni are killing each other in Iraq.

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