Saturday, December 10, 2005

Has reservation delivered

So govt is moving to undermine court order quashing caste based resrvations in private technical institutees. Reservation which started as a social largesse has become many headed monster. If you see discussions between Gandhi and Jinnah for Muslim League's demand for reservation gandhi is said to have stated that at lower end perhaps for clerical jobs you can have reservation but jobs requiring intellect will be given purely on merit. Initially constituitional provisions were also like thes. Low end jobs and admission in govt funded institutes. But now they extended it to every nook and corner.
Take a typical example. Ther is a new housing schem by local municipality.SC/Sts are preferred,given loan by banks at lower rate. Next when they fall ill or say lady gets pregnant hospital doesn't charge them anything. Nowadays govt. would get them in costly public schools on its own expenditure and never mind there are umpteen Navodaya,army,central and state govt's own model school.Where they get evrything for free and scholarship also irrespective of academic performance.
Think this is enough to make him or her able to contest with others.No not yet. For entering in engineerig or medical entrance exms ,no application fees and reservation.After admission no fees,and scholarship.In addition techers are instructed to mark them leniently.Then for job less percentage would work,posts reserved,age relaxation. if this was not enough reservation in promotion also.
If u careflly analyse UPSC's result then you would see that most of the candidates in quota are those whose parents are already higher up govt. employees.So there has been created a class among scheuled castes which has kept all the benfits to itself.
Then Muslims and christians are also clamouring for reservation completely ignoring the fact that scheduled castes were given this faciltiy becuse they were socially disadvantaged ,now muslims ruled india for 700hundred years.There were so many opportunities for them that muslims from persia,turkey,yaman and ithiopia came here to earn money and work as officials.According to great historians Romila thapar one major reason for fall of mughals was lack of "talented" people coming to india from middle east ,which implies that Hindus were not given plm jobs and so they developed habits of hard work which paved them later when britishers came.Moreove Hindus had adjusted to a barbaric religion earlier so they moulded their social customes once again when britishers came easily but muslims could not rise over their dogmas and remained backwards. If for a moment we but the argument that during british rule Muslims became socially disadvantaged then what about muslims in andhra.Andhra was under Nizam and Nizam was known to be anti Hindu.So if muslims could not get modern education under their own regime how they hope to do it under infidels.
Next important question is that you want a share in somethig which you never created but won't sacrifice a bit for it and want to retain all your privileges.
Some salient points of castebased reservaiton are,
1. When my mom and dad were in their village schools.Quality of techers was comparable to best anywhere and people became top officals and scientists fro mthe same village.But now becoz of resrvaiton you have all time drunkard quota teachers who beat children like animlas and don't tech at all.
2.They have reservaiton for posts of scientists in ISRo ,DRDO and professers in Medical and engg colleges.Needless to say these seats are never filled aas there are not people even at relaxed qualifications.
3. Lokasabha and vidhansabha seats reserved for SC/STs have become pocket burrogdfor somefamilies of that particular region,and general class of that own never gets represented.So these seats should be rotated on a draw basis among sets where ratio in population of backward cates is more.This way backward castes of predominantly forwrd costituencies will also have a say.
4.Do caste wise census and tryto eliminate those caste fro mreservation which have ration of govt jobs more than SC/ST average.In every state there are castes which have benfitted disproportionately high like Meena in rajastahn, Yaday in bihar and so on.ther re reservation in even allotment of petrol pumps or ration shops or govt tenders.
5.decrese income limit of creamy layer to sensible terms.
6.Streamline panchayat laws there have been instance of resrvation of sarpanch seat when ther is only one or two family of acheduled cate or tribe in that particular village.Such mockery of provisions should be stopped.
7.Give benfit of reservation to extremly poor in general class also.
8.put a limit to maximum a person can have reservation.You study in a school on govt expenses,the nIIT,then IIM ,then plum govt job and then promotion also.Ther e should be limit somewhere in between

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