Tuesday, December 13, 2005

corruption in parliament

Recent sting operation by a channel showing MPs accepting bribes to ask questions in parliament prompted me to write this.i suggest some remedial measures:

1. Give people write to vote as "none is suitable". once Mr T N sheshan came to our college and one guy asked him that out of two contestents at his hometown one had 50 murder cases and other 40 .So for whom should he vote. A large no of educated peole who shy away from voting saying that none of the candidates is good will have to vote to prevent any of those from getting elected. If vote share of runner up and "none found suitable " exceeds vote share of winner,there would be re elction and if highest vote share is for 'none found suitable" in reelection none of the existing candidates will be allowed to contest.

2. Why parties fail to give tickets to their honest members? how didtraders overnight became congress members after 15aug,47? how did top leaders condone at corrupt industrialista or contractor currying favour ?.answer is money for elctioneering. This is the main reason that many honest people shy away from fighting elections.Govt should finance candidates.Candidates from top three parties in last elction ,and all past winners from the seat ( if they contest0 should be financed.For assembly seats 3-5 lakhs and for Loksabha 110 lakhs per candidate.So this come to 30 lakh per seat .That meanssome 150 crore for loksabha which is not that big amount considering that whole elction process costs 1000-1500 crore. Give parties time on private chaneels at govt expense.Print their publicty material in govt press. Note down no of their vehicles and pay for fuel by speedometer readings. Ask the candidate to give I card to 100s of his workers and give them rs 100 per day for 15 days.many other ways can be devised and this will reduce party's dependence on business lobbies for money.Give income tax exemption for money donated to political parties.

3. Instead of reserving seats for women outrightly ask each party to give 25% of seats it is contesting to women and at least 20% of its last won seats which it is contesting now to women.this will ensure that they are not shunted to not winnable seats.As no seat is permanently reserved so existing male mebers would not be hostile and no family dominance would be created over a seat as has been case with SC ST seats.

4. To prevent last minute changing of parties by people and to prevent people like V C Shukla who has been member in all govts, Rajiv gandhi, V P Singh , Narsimharav, A B Vajpeyee. make a rule that a person contesting lection first time should have been member of that political party at least 1yr before.(This will prevent last minute fielding of politican's relatives) and if he is a seasoned politicain then at least 2yrs membership of that party in case of regular dissolution and 1year in case of premature.Thus people who change parties on denying ticket will find going tough.

5. To ensure impartiality of speakers nd deputy speakers of house and governers make rule that they can;t run for elctions to loksabha,vidhansabha and municipal councils.Keep rajyasabha or president etc post free from this restritction.Now when a speaker knows that he is not going to contest elction next time he would be impatial in the house.

6.To prevent rajysabha or rajbhavan becoming house for defeated politicains. make rule that anyone who has lost any loksabha or vidhan sabha elction in last 5yrs can't go for these posts or seats.People who lost rajyasabha election or president ets should be free from this restriction.In this way we will have commited people to rajya sabha and somebody who loses elction will not be reabilated in rajya sabha or governor houses.

7. To keep serving officails, judges and bureaucrates free from the partial behaviour for post retirement favours put a moratorium of 5yrs on them contesting any elction or going for posts of governor etc. Only in exceptional case( nationnal security) this rule can be relaxed when PM and leade of oppositon agree on it.

8.make mandatory ofr all elcted representative right from mebers of big municipal corporations to lokasabha to file their income tax returens,property in name of their familmembers and themselves, reecord of their foreign visits ,their hotel bill,all favours and gifts accepted by them and who offered them, all socities and organisation of which they are member,all their business interests and so on. So any kind of lobbying in parliament will be apparent.Thus people will know that whya particualar person is taking a particular stance in a particula matter.

I guessabove laws will be able to ensure probity and integrity in our electd offices upto large extent.

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