Thursday, August 18, 2005

In this post I would like to present my views on Muslims of India specially their social status.

1. As far as their expanse is concerned they r fairly well spread.They form almost entire population of lakshadweep and are in absolte majority in jammu and Kashmir.kerala, W bengal, assam and bihar Up are few states where their proportion in population is fairly high and they occupy important positions.In all other states their percentage in population varies from 5 to 10 barring NE states, Goa , orissa and sikkim. One may wonder that how tribal people were able to stand to muslim onslaught when all areas surrounding them succumbed to Muslim pressure.Case of orissa and uttaranchal are specially interesting and I have not been able to find a satisfactory answer yet.
2. All this talk of Sufism etc is a big sham.Hindus always thought of Sufism as another sect like numerous sects prevalent.Moreover sufism always had a distinct muslim character.No such predominantly hindu thing emerged and when it did in the form of Sikhism ,Muslims either tried to suppress it ruthlessly or remained totally aloof from it.One point i would like to make it despite all problems created by Muslims Hindus never hesitate to visit sufi shrines though there strictly Muslim rituals are followed.But just becaz India is a hindu majority country and Hindus rituls have been imosed in shirdi though no one is sure about his eligion.No muslim goes there now a days.All thistalk of hindu muslim synergy are strategies to fool oneself.
3. Urdu and Arabic.It is very necessary to not identify these languages with muslims.Result today Arabic is taught in more I ndian universities than Sanskrit.JNU election results are always decided by 600 students studying Arabic and Persian there else long ago ABVP had won elctions there.In kerala all universities hve Arabic deprtment but only three have hindi department.A state like west bengal where less than 1% people report Urdu as their mother tongue has a full fledged Arabic and urdu academy but nothing for Sanskrit or Hindi.Infact best departments of Sanskrit are today not in India but USA and european niversities.In kashmir 40% speak Kashmiri and 30 % dogari but state language is Urdu!!!.
Long live secularism.

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