Tuesday, June 21, 2005

With love from Ranchi

This week I visited Ranchi.The journey to Ranchi was full of misunderstandings and communication gape.Instead of pre decided train we had to board Chennai-Dibrugarh express which was full of south Indians going to work NE.i met someone who worked with PWD in Nagaland and confirmed what everyone says tht they pay taxes to militants.
In the general coach they were bringing large sized(karahas) and they had tied them to upper part in such a way that utilizing space in air which is empty even when train is full of people.This innovative nature of Indian vendors is a wonderfu thing in itself.
Our Transit point Jamshedpur was a disappointment.Area adjoining station is full of Shantis and no proper market exists.Bus Stand is also in shambles.It is high time that all these things be given to private enterpreneurs instead of allowing corrupt and inefficient govt officials to milk them.
One should visit Ranchi to see how a capital of a budding state look like.Tribals are everywhere but it is strange to see tribal womenclad in sarees in north indian style.it robs them of all their beauty and naturalness.
This is the price that comes alongwith integration.One thing which impressed me was pretty good quality of all statues of great personalities put at important places.City is full of greenry and has ponds which have water even in mid of scorching june ,so mething unimaginable in Indore.
Ranchi is capital of Jharkhand and yet construction of official area is not complete so whatever govt building they found has been converted into house of beaurocrates and politicians and govt offices.Rads are good and traffic is not that heavy but somehow people seem to lack spirit.
Girls are either tribal which really look beautiful with all their innocent smiles while the fairer lot has typical Bihari features and accent.
There is a Jagannath temple situated on Hillock a clear replica of one at Puri.This tendency can be seen in all easter n India. Also a portion of temple seems like some 18 th cen tury fortification of European companies in Indai.
The temple of Shivji is at pretty high hill and is well developed.But rituls are not performed in a correct manner and Garbhagriha seems to be waiting for a big accident.
A course on Temple management should be started soon I guess.
Bus stand of Ranchi is a shame for any metro not to mention capital state.
Well other wise I could not find anything significantly good or bad in this city whivh seems to be full of potential and funds.Let's see what future holds for it.

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